10 Sweet Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Usually, I have difficulties to find out what exactly do I want for breakfast, the only thing I know is it something sweet or savory :)

And my thought was that probably you are dealing with the same question, that's why in this post I've collected in this post some of my favorite sweet breakfast ideas, so you can find something for yourself ;)

So, let's start with the ideas :)

1. Colorful Ombre Pancakes

The main idea of this recipe is the marvelous taste of pancakes but why not add some color to your sometimes not that colorful days? It's so funny and satisfying how easily you can make your plate more catchy and attractive ;)

Find the recipe here for the Colorful Ombre Pancakes

2. The best banana bread

Is there anyone in this world who doesn't love banana bread?

I don't think so...because it is so easy to make, the ingredients are cheap and the result is so mouthwatering 😏

I've tried so many recipes before creating this one, there was always something missing but not this time.

This banana bread is turned out soft, delicious, and with that banana rich flavor.

That's why I decided to finally share it with you!

Try the Banana Bread Recipe here

3. The Easiest French Toast Recipe

There is an amazing way to recover it and from a thick old bread, you will have an amazing breakfast or a treat during the day. It's what I usually do, and today I'd like to share with you this easy delicious recipe which saved me from throwing food away, way too many times.

Here you can find the recipe for the Vegan French Toast

4. Sweet Carrot Pie with filo pastry (Carrot Banitsa)

An incredible, easy, delicious vegan recipe that incorporates the middle east spirit with filo pastry in it and carrots which are most known to use in a dessert in our lovely carrot cake recipes.

The recipe of this Sweet Carrot Pie is waiting for you here

5. Mini Pancakes or a.k.a. Pancake cereal

This recipe is one of the latest food trends and..... I LOVE IT! Having a bowl of cereal-like pancakes is like a totally new way of pancake love. And it actually does taste differently even if you are using exactly the same recipe as you use for normal ones, probably the tiny form of them gives a kick of extra flavor, not really sure how this magic works.

Pancake Cereal Recipe is here

6. Breakfast Chocolate Semolina Bowl (Oatmeal bowl alternative)

There are so many different breakfast bowl options - oatmeal bowl, smoothie bowls, granola bowl, and tons of different varieties, and we love them! And today I decided to share with you one of my childhood favorite foods which are recreated to a popular bowl.

Breakfast Bowl Recipe is waiting for you here

7. Perfect Vegan Crêpes

I've been trying for quite some time to find out the right recipe for vegan crepes and the interesting part here is that when I was writing my post about Belgian waffles and reading a lot about their history in one of the recipes, back in time they were using some cornstarch so waffles won't stick and I decided why not to give it a try and add it in a crepes recipe... and know what - it worked!

I'm pretty proud of this recipe as the crepes coming out super thin and no troubles at all flipping them out!

Enjoy the recipe here

8. Vegan Lemon Rolls

Calling for all cinnamon roll lovers!!! Lemon rolls are here for you to drive your taste buds and to give you a note of freshness.

Summertime is always calling for something light and fresh so the idea of those rolls is perfect for summer bake.

Vegan Rolls recipe is here

9. Vegan Cottage Cheese Pancakes (Syrniki)

Those pancakes are so different than regular ones, they are like a protein-packed version of regular ones that makes them a huge deal for people who are training hard, but even if you don't it will fill you with energy and of course with an incredible taste. And it can be gluten-free as well.

High Protein Pancakes recipe is waiting for you here

10. Perfect Vegan Belgian Waffles

Mmm...imagine yourself walking down on the tiny street of Belgium, enjoying a sunny summer day, and at some point, you find yourself following the amazing smell of waffles :) That's how I find myself every time I eat those waffles, it's almost like traveling in time but at home sipping your coffee. This recipe is making the best ever yeast waffles that are completely plant-based and super fluffy.

The recipe of those perfect Belgian Waffles is waiting for you here

I hope you've found something for yourself in this post :)

You can find more breakfast ideas in the link down below.

Let me know if you've liked this type of post in the comments section!

Click here for more breakfast ideas


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