8 Easy Make A-Head Vegan Lunch Ideas

Sometimes during the week we are so busy and we don't really have enough time (or even imagination) for cooking.. and it's pretty normal!

But what we usually do is buying something from somewhere, and more often that something is not that healthy or even delicious and it cost us a solid amount of money at the end of the month.

At least for some of us, it is like this.

And my thought was that probably you would like to prepare your food ahead as I do, and still have something delicious without disturbing your busy days, that's why in this post I've collected some of my favorite, easy, suitable to make a-head busy days lunch ideas, which are yummy even cold, so you can find something for yourself ;)

These dishes can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days easily(*if the recipe contains fresh veg, add them max.1 day before consumption), so you will need only a couple of hours in a week to prepare the lunch for a whole week for you or for your beloved ones!

So, let's start with the ideas :)

1. Savory Onion Tart

Onion is one of the most used ingredients in our kitchens. But sadly it's rarely found as the main hero of our menus, but why? It has so many different structures and flavors almost like my favorite potatoes. So this recipe is my huge honor to this sometimes misunderstood ingredient. Try it once, and trust me you will want it more and more because it's so yummy and so easy to make.

Find the recipe here for the Savory Onion Tart

2. Jackfruit Burrito

Today I'd like to share with you one of the best fast-food like dish which is so similar to the one I used to have some time ago before I went vegan from my favorite street food place.

Try the Jackfruit Burrito Recipe here

3. Easy Vegan Onion-Tomato Quiche

Today, I'm sharing with you this easy but incredible, filling, and packed with lots of protein vegan version of french Quiche.

It's so good, you can easily make it for your guests and they won't believe it's without dairy and you made it so effortless!

But even if you are not waiting for someone to come around, trust me, it's worth doing it even for your own, because you deserve it

Here you can find the recipe for the Easy Vegan Onion-Tomato Quiche

4. Taco Potatoes

Mexican food always makes me happy, because it is so nourishing delicious and spicy!

Taco potatoes are going to drive you straight to a crowded street food place, you will absolutely feel the spirit of Mexican food.

And of course, the potato is the main hero of this place.

Along with the potatoes, you will have the recipe for a side salad which is so easy to make.

The recipe of this Taco Potatoes is waiting for you here

5. Risotto Alla Caprese

So what about this Risotto Alla Caprese, even though it sounds super fancy, but in reality, it is one of the easiest dishes you can make in a bunch. Of course, it's not the classic risotto, because here I wanted to have the most similar risotto-like dish but easy and with no specific skills required. I even made mine in a multicooker (amazing thing to have at home if you are busy) so I even haven't cooked rice myself - that's how easy it is :D

Risotto Alla Caprese Recipe is here

6. Yummiest Subway Vegan Sandwich

Today, I'm sharing with you something that actually includes 3 recipes inside this incredibly tasty replica of my favorite Vegan Subway Sandwich with beet patties and yummy aioli dressing with pickled cornichons.

Subway Sandwich Recipe is waiting for you here

7. Tomato Tarte

This Tomato Tarte recipe is simple but absolutely incredible as every part of Italian cuisine is.

It will bring your usual dinner or lunch to another level and it will cost you less effort. Almost unbelievable how sometimes easy it is to create a delicious vegan meal to enjoy even on a weekday.

Enjoy the recipe here

8. Easy Pizza-Tofu Baskets

As we know tofu is a great source of protein and we all love pizza, so the idea to combine those things was a must-do and for the easy grab-n-go it is in the form of baskets.

So it is like a hybrid of pizza and muffins filled with a good amount of protein - great combo. Of course the taste is incredible :)

Pizza-Tofu Baskets recipe is here

I hope you've found something for yourself in this post :)

You can find more lunch or dinner ideas in the link down below.

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